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The days of cooking too much or even worse, not enough, spaghetti are over with this Spaghetti Western Spaghetti Measurer. This handy gadget allows you to correctly measure enough spaghetti for one to four people by placing just the right amount of spaghetti to fill the bullet holes in the sheriff's body.

Fun but practical, the Spaghetti Western Spaghetti Measurer is a great accessory for all kitchens. Only 20 cms in length and 3 mm in depth, the Spaghetti Western Spaghetti Measurer is compact enough to fit in any kitchen drawer although you'll probably want to have it out on display. Resembling a cartoon sheriff from the days of the wild west, the bullet holes the sheriff has sustained are labelled with the correct portion servings for one, two, three of four people. The Spaghetti Western Spaghetti Measurer is a fantastic house-warming gift for all ages.

The Spaghetti Western Spaghetti Measurer should be hand washed only in warm, soapy water and is not suitable for dishwasher use.